18 August 2014


Sometimes, you just have to go to bed with your sunglasses on.

2014 week thirty-three

RIP Dinah beneath our pomegranate tree.

We filled our kitten-less days with going to the park. Also we've had some much cooler mornings lately.

She climbed all the way up and went down the tall twirly slide all by herself. She didn't realize it was a slide initially. By the time she reached the bottom she thought it was awesome though.

A brief moment of reading at the library. The rest of the time was spent shouting "hi!" to everyone around.

For some reason we've not been to the water park that is 3 minutes from our house and only $4 to get in (free if under 3!) I'm glad we did finally because it was perfect.

She can now proudly climb up onto the chair with her books and "read" them to herself.

The last photo taken of Dinah. And she is peeing on Vera.

I know it looks as though everything is dead, but we just started planting our fall garden. I'm always so excited when planting time rolls around. Speaking of planting, the bit of green in the far right corner is the pomegranate tree that we planted over Dinah's grave. Let's hope the tree fairs better than she did.

We walked into the back room to find V toilet training her giraffe. That has to be a good sign, right?

Running the bases before the stake kickball tournament started and the heavens deluged us.

Run home baby. 

This week's story is a sad one. And also another about our cat. So, though I tried to make all of her vomiting seem humorous last week, it was apparently a sign of extreme illness. Last year when she got really sick we decided if the Lord called her home then we wouldn't stop Him. He didn't. But we decided to not really treat anymore of her illnesses because we were told that she was probably just a sickly cat from birth and would always get ill. Well, she started vomiting (see HERE) and then was drinking an immense amount of water and then she stopped grooming and was laying around the house (even more than you would anticipate from a cat in summer). Out of what I thought was laziness (and I was none too kind to her about it, either), she started to pee everywhere. She rarely pees in the house. But she was peeing a ton and all over. Even when I caught her and picked her up to throw her outside she couldn't stop it and just peed all over herself. When that happened I called the vet. They said it sounded like a UTI and to bring her in to get some antibiotics. I brought her in and the staff were puzzled by her weight loss (a full pound down in 6 weeks. she was weighed when we brought her in for yearly shots) and how tiny and bony and mangy she looked. The vet said she had very little internal fat to keep her healthy and asked to do blood work. I'm sure that I knew at that point that she wouldn't be getting better. I said a prayer to reaffirm myself that I was ok with sending her home. The blood work came back with signs pointing to complete kidney failure. They had never seen a cat so young with it so bad. They anticipate it is a genetic issue she's had from birth, but the bottom line was that there was no hope for this little thing. I kept her for another day and just held her and loved her and kissed her little dusty face. We gave her a big bowl of wet cat food and sent her home. Husband planted a pomegranate tree over her little grave. Poor sick kitty. We loved you Dinah. You were a very sweet cat.


  1. I'm so sorry about Dinah! You love your pets in such a special way and it is hard to let them go. Thankfully she had a nice family to spend her life with :)

  2. Looking at all the photos of Dinah made me tear up. Really. I will miss her scruffiness and apathy to all. RIP and may those pomegranates taste like the prettyness of her eyes.