28 July 2014


2014 week thirty

100 degree weather calls for frozen treats, and wearing a cape indoors whenever possible.

Popsicles with our friends in Dallas. Buttermilk Popsicle, you were amazing.

Snow Cones after dinner with Grandpa.

Eggplant Parmesan Sandwiches with buttered lemon kale. It was a win for eggplant for sure. 

She has almost mastered all of the animal sounds on this puzzle. 

Playing with puffs after dinner. 

V and Grandma Cole.

Not pictured was a really fun dinner with Matt's dad, the lady who babysat me for the first 10 years of my life + her son. We had chili lime pork tacos with corn salsa. They are always a hit. Recipe HERE.

Also not pictured is me getting to use a longarm to quilt my quilt! So exciting and fun. 

I'm really not sure what expression she is supposed to be making. 

We LOVE our new bike chariot. I can't wait for some cooler weather to ride around. 

21 July 2014


A slinky is obviously magical.

2014 week twenty-nine

Soaking up every minute of this rainy summer.

Husband missed what would have been his favorite dinner: Ham and swiss with dijon on toasted baguette and fresh broccoli salad.

Helping mama sew a quilt top.

Piecing together a quilt top. Quilting is the best hobby because when you're done with it, you have a quilt! No one has enough quilts. 

14 July 2014


2014 week twenty-eight

Baby red riding hood.

Inspired by my friend, I made Vera a little red riding hood cloak. It was extremely easy and took maybe an hour to put together. I am thrilled that she actually likes to wear it. :)

It's just two half circles with a half circle cut out of the top (like for a circle skirt) and four pieces of a hood. I just used one of my sweatshirts, folded the hood in half and traced it. You need two pieces of the outer and two pieces of the lining fabric. 

I sewed the two pieces of the outer hood together and then sewed them to the neck line of the outer park of the cloak, then did the same for the lining fabric. Then sew them right sides together almost all the way around. flip it right side out and finish up the seam. To make it sturdier, I then ironed it and sewed all the way around the hems with a contrasting color. This will help all the seams to stay in place and not bunch up after washing. Then I made a rectangle of fabric sewed it to one side of the opening of the cloak and added velcro to the other for easy on and off.

Sorry this is a terrible tutorial. But it really was super easy. 

10 July 2014


In the airport. Is my baby really big enough already to play in the kids area?!

2014 week twenty-seven

A week in sunny California.

Tartine. Tartine. Tartine. 

Seriously. Tartine. Croque monsieur with ham and asparagus. And V eating a spicy pickled carrot.

Don't tell her how beautiful she is. It's almost too much to handle.

She did not hate this as much as the photo would seem.

Swimming! We could have stayed there all day with the LaVelles!

Chico for lunch with my giant baby brother + gf Aundi.

These curls! 

I call this series: Hobbit Baby.

She was inseparable from her fox...

...and the dogs.

Lunch with Sushma. 


We had the nicest time visiting family and friends in hot California. We miss everyone already. At least we have the worlds best bagels to keep us company. 

30 June 2014


Husband's dad built this train for him when he was a wee boy. I love it. I will keep it forever.
 2014 week twenty-six

Home for a week and then off to California.

Hooray! Vera got her FIRST TOOTH(!) this week! She's only 14 months old! Goodness -I was starting to get embarrassed. But she got another one the next day! So I bet she'll catch up soon. During my week in between vacations I cleaned and got my life back to normal. But we decided to do a fun outing as a family at the butterfly house.

Husband was the only one magical enough for a butterfly to land on him.

Vera loved to point at the butterflies and say "buh buh," which means "bug" obviously. 

Huge butterfly!

The butterfly house was so fun. Floor to ceiling trees and butterflies flitting around everywhere.

Matt caught a dying one and put it on V's shoulder. Then she grabbed it and it most assuredly died soon after that.

And now we leave again in 2 days for a week. What will you do without us Husband? Also,  V's face! Haha.