21 April 2014


"Great Scott!" and other fancy expletives

2014 week sixteen

Yogurt mustache, baguette, sandals, sharks and Easter. Busy week.

That's exactly how I feel V.

Are the baby Birkenstocks killing you? Look at those chubby toes!

At Bass Pro Shop they have a giant foam shark. It's slightly terrifying. V Thought it was great. She kept saying "teeth! teeth" which really sounds like "tchee!"

The only Easter photo. 

 You'll have to excuse the quality of photos. I took them with my phone which is not a smart phone so the photos are.. not good.

16 April 2014

14 April 2014


2014  week fifteen

The Cat and Miss Mess.

This was a part of my garden 3 days ago. It's supposed to FREEZE tonight. I'm trying not to stress about it, but what am I supposed to do about my tomato plants/ Also, for how cold this winter was there are WAY too many bugs already. 

weaving a rag rug -or pulling out all the strings if you're Miss Mess.

The name fits...

10 April 2014

What I want my children to understand about God

I think that everyone's testimony or their beliefs suffer from time to time. I think we are counseled to read the scriptures and the words of the prophets so that we know them. Being able to recall a phrase or passage can strengthen us when we need a boost. Having them "written upon your hearts" (Romans 2:15) enables us recall the things we do believe while we work on the rest.

Lately I've had three passages stuck in my head while I've been studying the scriptures, going about my daily business, or thinking about my calling:

Heaven helps those who help themselves (Aesop -admittedly, not a prophet);

My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways (Isaiah 55:8); and

Teach correct principles and let them govern themselves (Joseph Smith -no matter what you think of him, you can't deny that's a good principle).

I believe that Heavenly Father wants us to learn and act for ourselves so that we may become self sufficient. Becoming more self sufficient allows us to help others and to become more like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I believe that in return They help us because They love us and want to reassure us that we're doing the right thing. I think this is similar to how I interact with my baby. I want her to follow my good example but also be able to do things on her own and to not do things without being told not to. In return I give her positive feedback and love and reassure her when she's doing the right thing.

I believe that just as society has progressed throughout time, so even is God more advanced and progressive than we are. I might argue that He is the ultimate of advanced and progressive? So, I believe that He knows better and if I don't understand why we have certain commandments, I just have to believe that we will understand one day. Similarly, most of us grow up and understand better our parents and why they do/did/say/said the things they did.

I also believe that Heavenly Father probably doesn't want to/doesn't control every part of our lives (including blessings and trials -some of that is incidental to mortality). As a teacher, it would have been pointless for me to assess student learning by taking their hand and forcing it to choose the correct answer. Also, a waste of my time, I have people asking for help and this fool should certainly know the right answer if he studied -see what I did there? Heavenly Father wants us to choose Him, but he wants us to choose Him. He has given us correct principles and He wants us to govern ourselves and gain in knowledge and strength.

I was having these thoughts this morning and I didn't want to lose them. Maybe I should frame these three quotes. I think that this is, in essence, how I interpret what the Church and the Gospel teaches and these are things I want my children to understand.

07 April 2014


2014 week fourteen

Snack time and sunshine. Followed by flash floods and prophets.

I think my patronus is a cup of chamomile tea. Not very threatening, but there you go.

I can't believe I forgot to wish my hard working, amazing, hilarious, husband a happy birthday last week (on the blog. I certainly did not forget in person.) I love you. Thanks for building our awesome new gates and for everything else that you can do.

PS We listened to General Conference all weekend during the lightning and torrential rain. It was so uplifting and encouraging. You can listen to all the talks HERE.

All I could hear of General Conference was: Figure out that you believe; Stand up for your beliefs; Strengthen your family; Do what you can to serve the Lord by serving others. Those are pretty good goals.