27 October 2014


A bubble bath to cure the afternoon screams. We all get a little Nazgul-like from time to time, I'm sure you can commiserate. 

2014 week forty-three

Seeing ghosts and sleeping in big girl beds.

Yzma, food thief extraordinaire. 

My two babies stealing food helping me cook. After three or four slips, Vera is irrevocably terrified of wet floors. If she is barefoot and steps in water on a hard floor she will stop moving and stand there pitifully crying until you help her escape. It's sad, but at least she is learning. Is she learning to leave the cat alone after her feet are shredded to ribbons? No. 

At the park with a friend. The entire time we're at a park Vera runs around yelling "weeeeeeee!"

We took the bars off the side of her crib so it is now a big bed. Vera loves to babble about her big bed. She feels so much autonomy or something being able to choose to lie down and go to sleep. Somehow it makes her 10x cuter.

Reading a book to the daycare baby. 

Vera has decided that napping is a more fulfilling experience with every toy and book she loves best. When she wakes up from a nap or in the morning, she pokes her head out of the door and calls, "Morning? Morning?"

Historic Farms are a combination of two of my greatest loves. Anything historical and anything farm-like. There were sheep and a HUGE barn cat. That thing had to be half cougar.

At the Grapevine Spooky Storytelling Festival.

After her 18 month check up. V swaddled her baby in a sanitary sheet and carried her out saying "Bye Bye" to everyone. 

We have a nice little Halloween story this week. This past week Vera has started to see things in our house. Very spooky. I have a very hard time with scary movies involving creepy kids or haunted houses. Well we'll be sitting in the living room and suddenly V will look up and point to the corner of the ceiling. She'll babble something to me and keep pointing. We'll walk into the front room and she'll stop and again point to the corner of the ceiling and start trying to say something to me. I try not to get freaked out, but it gives me shivers. It doesn't help that the previous owner died in this house and had at least a dozen cats.  I can distract Vera by turning on and off the lights and she starts laughing and walks away. But as I walk away I can't help but look back up into the corner of the ceiling. Spooky toddler. 

20 October 2014


Yzma trying to squeeze her way onto the table to eat our dinners. 

2014 week forty-two

Veronica learns how to say "No Way!" (awesome) and we have our annual Apple Party (actually awesome).

Yzma, sneaking in the crib when I thought the door was closed.

Yzma, getting what she deserves. (poor cat)

Caramel Apple Bar. 

V loved the free access to apples (appums).

Fantastic Mr. Fox

The best parties are as fun for the adults as they are for the kids.

And for the best photo of the night.

Notice the three cute toddlers.

But look closer at this crazy face!

Seriously, what kind of expression is this?

Bobbing for apples is actually everyone's favorite. 

Matt wowed the crowd with his giant cotton candy blobs.

His brother Sam challenged him to a duel.

Pretty impressive.

Matt pulled out a sneaky two cones maneuver...

And definitely won!

And these girls went home happy. 

And this is how we use the toilet. all. day. long. 

This last Friday we had our annual Apple Party. We had a table full of candy, nuts, and bacon toppings, as well as melted caramel and chocolates. We had sparkling apple cider, spiced cider, hot cider, and our favorite cider shakes (spiced cider + icecream). We also had a couple apple cakes, bobbing for apples, donuts on a string, and the highlight: apple flavored cotton candy. I, sadly, did not get a single caramel apple. But I was having too much fun visiting with everyone. And we have probably 20lbs of apples left over so we'll be appling like crazy over here. I've already made 6 jars of applesauce and our annual post apple party apple cider donuts.  I love hosting parties that are silly but delicious and packing my house full of friends. Matt was having stress dreams about me inviting too many people and they wouldn't all fit in our house so they left without getting any food. Luckily for him only about half of our invites were attendees so we had plenty for everyone. Next year though, I'll aim for 100%. So mark your calendars now!

13 October 2014


One evening I was bored and knitted Yzma a house-elf-inspired hat. The hardest part was photographing her wearing it.

2014 week forty-one.

Attention: We might be out of the 90 degree weather over here!

Even though she eats the pieces she steals, she's not the worst puzzle helper in the house. *Ahem* Vera...

I thought she was sleeping in V's crib because it was safely out of toddler finger grasp, but then I found them both in there sleeping during nap. So, maybe it's just really comfy?

Hooray Homecoming for Matthew's old highschool!/ We love spying on his little brother while on his first date.

These faces are trying to tolerate the 99% humidity and 80 degrees at 8pm. 

10 minutes later... it was 68 degrees and windy! Obviously we were much happier.

This week we went to Matthew's old highschool's Homecoming game. Matthew has spent our whole marriage telling me how much he doesn't like to watch sports. But who was the one explaining every intricacy of football to me? Not V. She was busy stealing people's balloons and trying to touch someone's very expensive-looking black hair. Vera, don't you know you are feeding into a white stereotype!? Don't touch black women's hair! Or really anyone's hair; let's be real. The story this week is one of a tantrum -by me. We walked from the grandparent's house to the football game holding water bottles and cups of hot chocolate. When we arrived we were alerted to the sign that said something along the lines of "If you bring drinks in here then dishonor on you, on your family, and on your cow, etc." So because husband doesn't understand the intricacies of purse-carrying I was asked to smuggle the hot chocolate into the game. Then it took us about 10 minutes of up and down stairs bumping into people before we could sit down and I could extract the hot chocolate -having had my hands full with other paraphernalia. Don't worry, hot chocolate only got on everything. Luckily I had baby wipes or the tantrum that ensued would have actually resulted in tears. But I had to carry my (brand new!) sweater to the bathroom and wash it out. Mrs. Funnyjokes came up to me and said, "Too bad you had to come all the way to the football game to do your laundry." Yep. Too bad. >:[
The washing was therapeutic and brought flash-backs of Pursuit of Happyness (read: I realized what a bad night would actually have been), and I went back to my seat in a calmer mood. And luckily it was SO ridiculously hot I was having a hard time breathing and never needed my sweater. But really luckily, a huge storm blew in after the first quarter and we could enjoy the game. Though I could not keep track of that ball. I'm more cut out to watch snobby sports like tennis I think. We left at halftime so V could sleep a little. Apparently the game was paused twice to let a crazy thunderstorm pass and didn't finish until after midnight, at which point we lost. Hooray Homecoming!

P.S. Matthew felt super bad about the hot chocolate. I feel this information is very pertinent. He's not a boar.

06 October 2014


A brief moment of not whining -eating spice cookie dough.

2014 week forty.

This week was non-stop kitten smothering and whining. Seriously. Where did this fuss come from?

Perhaps my favorite photo of all time.

It's probably more fun when Papa is in charge.

Yes, definitely more fun. 

Obligatory dramatic kitten pose.

Obligatory ridiculously cute kitten pose.

She is so obsessed with this kitten not wearing pants wont slow her down to get to the cat.

I caught her attempting to try this on correctly, but when I got the camera she got extra silly.

Don't let these photos mislead you. Yzma spends most of her time attacking our feet or any exposed skin really. 

V spends most of her waking hours trying to lie down on Yzma. 

Yzma still hasn't figured out how to get away before she gets squished.

I gave V a bite of hummus. She didn't like it, so decided it must be lotion. She immediately wiped it on her hands face and hair. 

I keep forgetting to be mindful of funny or sweet stories throughout the week. I wanted to do that so I could remember more than the brief snippets that I get on camera. The only thing I can remember was coming out into the living room and Vera had the phone pressed up to Yzma's ear and she was shouting "Hi-lo! Hi-lo!" It made me smile.

On the other hand what do you do about non-stop ridiculous whining? Like fussing over nothing? I'm really at a loss. Like sitting in her highchair while eating (when she is hungry) and she is just whining and whining to get down? Or fussing seemingly just to fuss, whine, and cry? I guess this is probably why there is the website "Reasons My Son is Crying."

29 September 2014


Sometimes, silence from a toddler is golden.

2014 week thirty-nine

Vera and I spent the second half of our week in the gloriously rainy, misty Pacific Northwest. All our love, Seattle.

Look! It's been cool enough that V can play outside by herself! I can keep the windows open to keep an ear on her. She would politely knock on the door and I'd happily yell "Go play!" Bliss. 

When love from her cousin wasn't making her cry. 

Getting photo of 5 kids together is hard. see below
Had to be taken in two separate shots because someone was crying about a jacket even though it was 60 degrees and I was in a sweater and slippers!

So proud! I taught that boy to sew and he was so excited about it.

I guess it's not hard to get a photo of kids when they're watching TV...

My sister and a little photo bomber.

Vera loved her Aunt Jaime.

A walk in the woods (their property) V loved chasing this dog, and then got really worried when the dog would chase her.

She had so much fun. Sadly the flight home was nightmarish. I nearly started to cry at a few points.

 I was so happy to be home after the hell flight that I was not at my most deductive and it took me over an hour before I found:

A surprise kitten! We named her Yzma (eezma). Like from Emperor's New Groove. She's already been called Wyzma and Flyzma

Sam didn't go with Husband to pick her out or help out in any way shape or form. ;) Yzma looks like a little proud wildcat in this photo.