12 October 2015


Her favorite clothes are now a toss up between dress ups and pajamas. 

 2015 week forty-one

Either the pregnancy hormones have just really kicked in, or Vera has just been ridiculously cute, or I'm trying to cherish these last weeks of her being my only baby, but there has been an excess of love and hugs and kisses this week.
For FHE we built tall buildings and let V knock them down. Perfect toddler family activity. 

Things like this and hip hop lyrics make me cry a little. 

My OB is so sweet and amazing. Vera asked her if she would check her belly too,. So she was plopped up on the bed and got some gel on her belly, and we listened to her pulse. She thought it was amazing. :)

Threw this selfie in there for Matt so he can tease me about it later. 39 weeks.

Our city had a fire station open house were families could touch all the emergency vehicles and emergency dogs and helicopters, spray a fire hose, ride in police boats, etc. 

In the armored police truck. 

Hey Vera, hopefully this is the only time you ever ride in the back of a police car. 

Front seat is fine. 

Grandma looking at the camera drones and us in the background enjoying the amazing weather. Not shown, V crying about wanting some cheetos. :) 

Matthew bought a car shell for his RC car and painted it himself. He's very proud and I'm so impressed with how professional it turned out. Apparently if you live in Texas, the flag is the default motif for anything and everything. That, or a lone star or even the shape of Texas (we currently have a cutting board and hand soap in the shape of Texas -it's just a thing down here). 


A really angry teenage girl was slowly sauntering across a 35 mile per hour street and stopped in the middle of the street to cuss me out as I stopped and honked. I said to her, "Move! You don't have a cross walk!" Then V asked, "What's that weird lady doing? Mama says You dont have a cross lock!"

V: "I love this beautiful pumpkin!" And then she proceeds to give it a kiss.

V: "Mama, it's all beautiful sometimes."

V: "There is a bug on the ground! Show me! Can't eat it though. Can't step on it."

Vera crumbled a lot of cornbread onto the floor during lunch and then proceeded to say to me, "Mama, the floor is dirty! You need to clean it up."

V to herself, "If you give a mouse a cookie... you'll have to go to the store to get cookies!"

When V does something she likes to tell you about it in question form, "Did I fall down? Did I break it? Did I take a long nap? Did I have a good pee?" etc.

After I showed her a photo of grumpy cat, "Who is that weird cat? Look at he. He is so cute and weird."

V: "Mama? I don't want mama and papa."
Me: "You dont?"
V: "No. Mama go to work."
Me: "Do you want Mama to go to work and Papa can stay home with you?"
V: "No! Mama and Papa go to work and I can stay at home all by myself and play with my giraffe."
Me: "How would you get food if you were hungry?"
V: "I would have my giraffe."

V: "Old MacDonald has a farm. E-I-E-I-E-I. Old MacDonald has a DINOSAUR! Roar!"

V: "I want to go to the cousins house. I want to go hang up with the cousins."

V referencing a keychain she got at the fire station open house, "This smells like poop. Like horse poop."

V: "When I get big I will be Mama and you will be Wronka."
Matt: "She has a point."

I've been reading Memory Keeper's Daughter and that mixed with end-of-pregnancy hormones has made me a bit lovey and nostalgic toward Vera. One day we woke up from her nap and padded out into the living room and looked so perfectly divine that I started to cry and tell her how much I love her. She saw me crying and started shouting, "No! You're not sad! You're NOT SAD!" and then dissolved into a puddle of tears. At this point I was laughing. She kept on crying until I could ensure her I was not, in fact, sad. 


All summer we've been trying to eat less meat -like once or twice a week. And it was really fun to try to cram in as much fresh produce as we can and try to make filling meals. The weather really hasn't cooled down much, but it's Autumn now darn it! And I am ready for less summer squash and bell peppers. Also Matthew tends to lean anemic and often will feel inexplicably exhausted, so probably it's better for us to eat a little more meat. To offset the increased cost of more meat, I've been trying to incorporate $1 nights. This means that at least once a week we eat a meal that costs (in its entirety) $1 - $3. We have had some success so far and I thought I would share some of our favorite cheapy cheap meals.

Last week we had Boston Baked Beans from Martha Stewart and cornbread. The beans take FOR. EVER. But are tasty and filling. Especially since we added a bit of leftover rib meat (using leftover meat made it cheaper than buying the salt pork that was called for in the recipe).

The week before I made a Homemade Cream of Celery Soup. This recipe is a Martha Stewart version that is similar to what I made. I did not add heavy cream -just a touch of milk. And I did not blend it perfectly smooth and I used onions. And I used saltines instead of bread, because Cream of Celery Soup screams for saltines. Similarly you can make cream of potato, cream of carrot, broccoli, cheese and potato soup. But celery costs less than dirt so it adds to the frugality of the meal. But then so do potatoes and carrots.

Another $1 meal we like is beans and rice. If you use dried beans you're in the $1 club. Add some salsa and cheese and tortillas or chips and presto. Dinner.

We also love 100 Days of Real Food Refried Beans. They make great bean burritos. It's one of the only recipes I haul out the crock pot for.

Another good one is homemade Mac & Cheese. You basically make a white sauce (butter, flour, milk, salt, pepper, nutmeg) and add to cooked noodles. Top with a little more shredded cheese and either bake until bubbly or eat it just like that. You can add countless veggies or meats to this.

Egg Drop Soup. Our first $1 meal when we were first married. It is still one of my favorites on really cold days accompanied by some brown rice.

And a new (to me) favorite (to me only probably) is what my husband lovingly calls "Spaghetti Grits." Polenta and Spaghetti sauce. It is surprisingly filling and cheap and hot and delicious. I know you can find recipes for polenta using cornmeal, but a bag of polenta (or grits) will last forever. Cook it up either firm and fried or soft and mushy like hot cereal and top with your favorite spaghetti sauce and a bit of cheese.

We're always excited to add new $1 meals to our repertoire to keep things interesting and to remind ourselves that we can eat well without having to spend a fortune. I'm always interested in hearing about new ones too, so give me any that I haven't thought of yet. 

05 October 2015


V makes really funny faces when she eats. Thankfully no one takes photos of me while I eat. I'm sure they're just about as flattering.
 2015 week forty

Well baby brother held out through all of our things we wanted to accomplish, so now, we're ready for you. And to add encouragement it absolutely feels like autumn (well Texas' version of autumn, still no leaves changing colors), just for you boy!

I made some applesauce from the rest of our apple party apples. And we've almost eaten it all already. Time to go buy more apples! 

We went to the Dallas Arboretum with several friends to admire the fall splendor. This is the attitude I dealt with for the first 30 minutes. 

Then it started to get a little more magical and she was more compliant. 

Then she remembered she doesn't have to be a troll just because it's October, and we had a nice time. 

This was after each child had already thrown a few pumpkins and some people behind the information booth said, "Shouldn't we have a sign that kids shouldn't pick up pumpkins?" "No! That's what their parents are for!"

I want this one framed on my wall. I love it so much. 

What should you do in a hay maze? Throw hay at Mama, of course! 

This was pure toddler heaven. I tried to get her out of it so other families could take photos, but after my enticing treats were gone she ran right back. I didn't have the energy to get her out of it, and I know she had a good time. Sorry other families if you wanted some photos... photos that did not include my child. 

Me and my baby. I was hoping this could serve as a reminder of what I looked like at 9 months pregnant, but obviously I only wear muumuus so you cant even see my belly in this. 

Buttered Hot Apple Cider with breakfast on a cool (read 60 degrees!!!!!!) morning.

At the doctor's office chanting, "Uter-YES! Uter-YES!" as though we were at some spirited 1970s era feminist rally. 

After General Conference we hosted the last family dinner without baby. Matt made everyone amazing ribs. I made some rosemary potatoes and biscuits. Melissa brought corn and fresh veggies. And our table was loaded with condiments: homemade pickled peppers and onions, homemade apple butter, homemade peach butter, homemade peach jam, homemade tomato jam, and "pickle pickles" as Vera calls them (regular pickles) -not homemade. I feel the need to tell you I made all these things by hand because I want to remember that at one point I preserved so many condiments. Also, I can't believe we fit so many people into our "dining room" to eat dinner. 


Vera counting, "one -two - three - four - five- six - nine -toast."

 V had a cup of water and a paintbrush to help me stain the outdoor furniture, and she kept saying, "I cant believe it! I CANT believe it! I'm PAINTING! Just like the Mouse! (from a book) I can't believe it!"

One day at lunch as she was eating her noodles she started saying, "I eat you, Grandpa Dean! I eat you, Mama! I eat you, Papa! I eat you, Oma! I eat you, Grandpa John! I eat you, Bonnie!"

Vera to me, "No mama. Only I can jump. I don't have a baby, I only have a little tummy."

V, "Mama, you go to hospital and get baby brother. Then you have a little tummy!"

V, "Mama, I'm SO beautiful!"

V to Matt, "Papa, your hair is so fluffy. No. It's not fluffy. It's BEAUTIFUL!"

A friend of mine was over visiting and while she was talking to Vera she called her sweetie. Vera just stopped and stared at her and said, "I'm Not Papa." Vera calls Matthew "sweetie" a lot because I do. "Oh sweetie is home... No sweetie, you sit here," etc.

Me, "Vera do you want to go on a walk?"
V, "No it's not good enough outside."

V, "I'm not a dog. I'm just a Wronka." (Veronica)

Every evening, "Papa! A FLY A FLY!"
Matthew, "Quick! Go get my gun!"
Vera runs away to retrieve the fly shotgun (it shoots salt).
Matthew, "Thank you. Find the fly!"
Vera, "There it is!!"
Then they crouch down together and shoot the fly. It's cute. It would be cuter if it didnt have to happen so often after I clean the windows...

Words V will just randomly sing around the house: "Heavenly Father" "If you give a Moose a Muffin."


Every morning as I make the bed, Vera dives into the pile of pillows on the floor.

I tried to put V in her cute pair of Halloween bone pajamas last night. She was so against it. Unfortunately for her all her other "jamas" were dirty so she had to wear them. This creature who loves pajamas more than any other item of clothing -except maybe tights- screamed and cried about having to wear these. Then she stopped and attempted to bargain with me. Ok Mama, I don't want to wear these pajamas so I'll try another route, "I wear normal clothes to bed?" Seriously. You hate the pajamas so much you'll volunteer to put on regular clothes instead of wearing these? She still had to wear them. And when she padded up to my bed this morning the first thing she said was, "I don't want to wear bone pajamas." Too bad baby, it's October! :)

This week was a long checklist of things I wanted to accomplish before my baby arrived. First there was the apple party last week, but then I wanted to clean my entire house, have dinner with friends on Friday, and Saturday, and have Family Dinner on Sunday. Check, check, and check. Now that it's all over I feel like I can just rest and spend time with Vera and wait for this boy. Somehow, as though by miracle, the weather turned cool enough to sleep with the windows open. We have cider with breakfast almost every morning and V got to wear a long-sleeved shirt one day, and pants another day! Not me. I can't wear anything but like 2 shirts, 2 dresses and one skirt. Those dresses will probably be burned on delivery. I never want to see them again. :) I know my husband would never complain about how clean our house is at times, but I also know he probably harbors secret feelings that it is a bit extreme. And I'm sure during this last fortnight of pregnancy it is a bit extreme. But just like birds fluffing up their nests, there is an urgency and a relieving peace that attends scrubbing windows, blinds, baseboards, carpets, linens, mirrors, light switches, fan blades, garbage cans (insert shame right there), shelves, couch cushions, and every other hard or soft surface in my home. Now that everything has met my probably unreasonable standard, I can sit down, enjoy the nest, finish a couple books and pray for contractions. When everything is this clean I find it easier to keep clean because that jam handprint does not go unnoticed in a layer of dust any longer. Luckily Vera is very patient with me and really enjoys her freedom to run around and make the most of all her toys and dress up -and I know she milked those two days when I let her wear pjs all day because I knew we weren't leaving the house -while I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Surprisingly, that is something my doctor asked at my last visit, "So, did you clean your house yet?" Yes, ma'am! Bring on baby!

28 September 2015


Catching up with friends at the park!

2015 week thirty-nine

Happy Autumn! We kicked it off with our annual Apple Party! And we'll round it out with jars and jars of apple sauce, apple butter, apple jelly, and, naturally, apple cider donuts and spicy sage sausage for breakfast.

It was a hard week for this little stink. However, she had moments of incomprehensible cuteness. 

Happy Birthday to our blue lipped friend! What would you call a "group of toddlers"? A mess of toddlers? A crumble of toddlers? A frustration of toddlers?

Getting our apple party ready to go! 

We definitely had more people this year than ever before. There is nothing that makes me happier than throwing a party and having my house over flow with kids running around, people talking and laughing, and making sure everyone gets a cider shake.

Cider Shake Recipe:
Blend vanilla ice cream and spiced cider

You will not regret making this. We only found one rogue apple in Vera's play kitchen, and one spot of caramel, chocolate, and cotton candy. For at least 30 kids that is fantastic! We always expect a big clean up, but I couldn't believe how little there was. Can't wait for next years party! 

Doing face masks with Mama and making funny faces in the mirror. 

Cue funny face. 

Alright baby boy, the apple party is over and I'm cleaning the carpets today, so you are free to make your entrance. In the meantime I'll smile through the exhaustion. :)

Vera, "I have a big mole on my leg. I can't take it off and hold it. It will scare me."

Me, "What should we name the spider, V?"
V, "Hmmmm, Kay Scottie? Lechi pusa?"

V, "Go to the hospital and not going to die!"

Vera has named her little baby doll "Little Baby Bunting" she wraps it in a piece of rabbit skin and sings this song: "Little baby bunting/Papa's kind of hunting/Little super rabbit skin/To wrap the baby bunting in."

Me, "What did you sing at church today?"
V, "Want to build a snowman."
Me, "I don't believe you."

V, "Look Mama, these beads are so sparkly JUST LIKE MY EYES!!"

At dinner: V, "Where's my donut?!"

V, "Baby brother will be born and he sings the giraffe song. Because I dont know the giraffe song. But he will sing it."


Yesterday afternoon I wasn't feeling great so I was just lying on the couch watching Vera play. She went into the kitchen and returned with a tupperware container. She put some beads in it and came to me and said, "Mama look! Giraffe got me a present! A present for my birthday!" She then sang happy birthday to herself and asked me to clap. "Oh Giraffe! Thank you for my present for my birthday! Mama, let's sing happy birthday!"

Wednesday afternoon I was being so proactive and I made a few batches of donuts for halloween this year. After cutting out and freezing about 250, I felt very certain that my water broke a bit or like I was leaking some amniotic fluid. So Matt came home and we all went to the hospital. After sitting around for two hours with Vera saying, "Go to the hospital, not going to die," we were told I was fine and it was nothing unusual. I feel very relieved because we weren't feeling quite ready for baby's entrance. The party is over now though, so baby brother we're ready for you. Or, we'll be more ready for you if you give me one more week to insanely deep-clean my house. If anyone is wondering where I am this week, I'll be washing windows, dusting baseboards, and tidying and organizing. Let the nesting begin!

This story was told to me by Vera's nursery leader Mr. Dave. Mr. Dave was holding another kid who was talking all about this giraffe toy he was holding. Mr. Dave asked him what a giraffe said. The kid mumbled some strange sound and then toddled off after a bit. Vera walked solemnly up to Mr. Dave and looked him straight in the eye and said, "Giraffe's dont make anything." Today I just stood at the nursery window watching her play. She looked so big and sweet and precious. I love her.

21 September 2015


Amazing baby shower gift. I hope she actually likes it even when baby brother gets to ride in the stroller. :) 
2015 week thirty-eight

A long hot week ending in a fun but seriously hot festival. September in Texas is not for the weak -or anyone who would enjoy any semblance of Autumn. ;)

She's started to color with intent. This is a picture of "Mama, Papa, and Auntie Mel." Auntie Mel, you are the big pink squiggle.

"I'm just so tired. I have to lay down and color." 

I have to take photos like this to remind myself how lovely and wonderful she can be when I'm about to lose my mind with her throwing food because she is frustrated that her fork isn't working properly, or pulling her hair or slapping her hand into her mouth and all over her face to deal with some other frustration. Oh the frustration. But, here she is so precious with the little elbow dimple. Anne would be so jealous. 

She wanted another chance to tackle the carousel. She did not cry and was only mildly nervous. The operator was really wary to let me ride because I look so pregnant right now. But seriously, what is going to happen to me on a merry-go-round-at-2-miles-per-hour?

She is getting old enough to see other kids doing fun kid things and wants to be a part of it. She was really eager for Matt to paint her face. She then proceeded to smear most of it into her mouth... But she cried when we tried to wipe it off...
Matt signed us up to compete in a grape stomp off during the festival. Each team of two got one minute for each person to stomp while the other collected the juice in the pitcher. Somehow we won the first round of competition and were invited back to the final championship that evening. (I know you can't tell from this photo, but I am incredibly pregnant these days)

At the championship: 2 minutes before we absolutely lost. Haha. Some of these stompers are pretty hard core. 

We tried to get her to participate in the baby grape stomping. Her face says, "Why are you doing this to me Papa? What is happening?"


Walking through a parking lot that smelled very strongly of frying potatoes, V: "It smells like chicken in my nose!"

Me: "Oh your Papa is so handsome."
V: "No. He's not handsome."
Me: "Yes he is! Look how handsome he is."
V: "Yes, he is handsome,  he has hands."

To my fair, red-headed brother-in-law, V: "Sam, you are so brown!"
Me: "Sam, is that the first time anyone has ever said that to you?" ;)

At Bed Bath and Beyond, V: "Mama there are so many cool things!"

V: "Mama, cats makes 'meaow meaow purrrrrr purrrrrr ki ki.'"

V: "Mama wears a pink shirt and funny pants." (my Aladdin pants)

V: "It's like yellow sauce in my toilet!!"

As soon as a movie fades out for a scene change she asks, "Want to watch some more, please? I want to watch it again!" Seriously, it faded for less than a second. Also, last time we watched a movie she kicked over the chair when it was over because she was so angry -uhm no way. She got an early nap time and a moratorium on movies for a while.

Vera running in circles yells, "Mama, watch! Watch me! Watch! *huge toot* I have a toot! Watch!!"


We went to exchange some things at a store and while I was looking at bigger sizes, Vera took the shopping bag and filled it with approximately all the stuffed animals in the entire store. I found her losing her mind because the 25th animal wouldn't fit in the bag...

When we go for walks, Vera stops to collect acorns -I then find them deposited all over my house for the next few days like she is a little squirrel. Also, Matthew showed her how to pick long grass stems and hold them between her teeth like a farmer parody. She LOVES it. She demands that everyone hold a grass stem in their mouth for the entire walk. And then I find them all over my house for the next few days. It's actually kind of darling.

Currently we have a really sweet bedtime routine with Vera. I am such a fan of a set routine. I'm sure it must set some sort of Pavlovian response to prepare V for bed. Every night when it's bedtime we go into her room. She takes off her clothes for the day and requests "jamas." She has a few little white tank tops that she sleeps in during the warmer months and some little black or white shorts -she usually requests the black ones. She puts her own jamas on (inside out and backwards) and gets to brush her own teeth for a minute before Matthew or I finish it up. When she fusses about doing it by herself Matt usually reminds her that we want to keep her teeth healthy, "Don't want my teeth to fall out!" she will add. As she's brushing her teeth I'll read a story from our set of Children's scriptures. Then she goes into the bathroom to rinse her toothbrush and pee once more. Back in the room we will read a poem, or part of a fairy tale, or currently a Mother Goose rhyme. I sit in the rocking chair and she will climb on my lap after that for family prayer and a song. Her favorite songs to sing are: I see the Moon, Wheels on the Bus, It's Raining It's Pouring, Rain Rain Go Away, Working on the Railroad, ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle, Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree, Itsy Bitsy Spider, etc. We all sing together (including V). Most nights Matthew will pretend to fall asleep on her bed and V sneaks up to him giggling and will wake him up with a kiss. He then grabs her and tickles her while chanting, "A kiss! A kiss!" and falls back asleep for a few more rounds. Then she gets into bed and asks for "One book in bed," and her musical train car. We say we love her and goodnight and often she reminds us to tell her to stay in her bed. As helpful as it is for her, it is very therapeutic for me. It signals the end of the day and it's a constant and firm boundary. It is also usually very happy so I feel sad when she's in bed because we're all in better moods at that point and I want to hug and kiss her more than I did an hour before. :)

14 September 2015


Matthew decided to take a photo of us, but he took two terrible photos of me and then apparently gave up. He says it's my fault for a poor photo. I say, if you take two photos while someone is talking and they're both crap, well then stop being rude and give me a chance to smile. :) In other news, Vera ate that entire snow cone. 

2015 week thirty-seven

Summer is coming to a peaceful breezy end, and this week was a lovely show of it.

Labor Day birthday party for a friend. Disappointingly, the water table was a way bigger hit than the bouncy house. 

Playing Play-doh with the cousins. 

I couldn't decide on one pie, and had two small pie pans so I made three pies for family dinner: strawberry, blackberry raspberry, and peach blackberry. 

This was so tasty I had to take a photo. Baked creamy sundried tomato pesto gnocchi with parmesan. 

On Wednesday we made wild grape jelly with grandma and had to run to the store for some jelly accoutrements. She was thrilled to push the basket and put things on the conveyor belt.  I love when she loves helping. 

On Friday I made her a little skirt and she was thrilled to prance around modeling it,

and look at herself in the mirror, 

and smile like a creep. 

Saturday morning walking around Grapevine Main Street with cousins and practically cousins. (Matt's sister's husband's brother's children. That's pretty much cousin material, right?) 

Some wonderful friends threw me a spectacular baby shower with delicious food on Saturday. Sunday when I was organizing everything, Vera found these baby leggings and wouldn't take them off. 
Baby Shower decorations

Baby shower festivities :)

Cousins not fighting for about 15 minutes. :)

Matthew in the middle. Vera has been making this identical grumpy face for days this week.

I did not record a lot of quotes from Vera this week, but she's busy saying funny things constantly -dont you worry. 

We went to the doctors for a prenatal check up and in the office there is a stack of plastic umbrella bags. Printed on them is a picture of an umbrella. Like this:

She asked if she could have one so I said sure. She opened the bag and told me she was going to take out the umbrella. She reached her hand in and where she thought and umbrella would be was obviously nothing. Her whole body froze and she looked terrified as though she had just encountered some strange magic. She whispered, "It scare me."

Vera, "Mama, I lost my mind."


We went to the rodeo on Friday night with Matt's sister Melissa and her husband Scott, Scott's little brother Darrin and his wife Sera. Darrin is also one of Matt's old college roommates. There's a whole lot of related going on around here. When we were walking around the stockyards we saw two sad examples of Murica children. One very fat little girl had a face smeared with barbecue sauce and she was jauntily riding a mechanical pony, and one three-year old boy drinking coke out of a baby bottle riding another mechanical pony with one hand. Welcome to a Texas rodeo, folks.

During one of the bull-ride portions of the rodeo one kid (like 18) managed to stay on the bull for the allotted 8 seconds before he was thrown. When he was thrown, however, his rope that was still attached to the bull wrapped around his boot and wouldn't come loose. The 1,200 pound behemoth dragged this poor kid back and forth around the arena (what they kept appropriately calling the colosseum). The rodeo clowns were doing their best to distract the bull so the cowboy could get his boot loose, but one took a horn to the gut and the other got lifted and thrown back a few feet. Nearly a dozen men were racing around trying to distract the bull while it was pouncing and kicking and hitting everyone around him. They kept diving for the rope to try to cut it loose. After what seemed way too long to be anything but nauseating (I kept thinking, "Someone is going to get kicked in the head. This kid's leg is going to break. I'm going to watch someone die, etc") they finally got his boot free, the bull contained, and everyone walked away. The crowd was silent. It was terrifying.

And last rodeo story. My oh-so favorite one. During one part of the rodeo they asked for six volunteers. But not just any volunteers, strictly girls. They needed six girl volunteers to enter the arena. They lined them up and then blind folded them, and then told them to have a dance contest. One self-respecting soul bowed herself out to much respect from me. Good ol' Texas rodeo, needed an all girl dance contest to really class up the joint. After the initial blind folding they asked the girls to just warm up a bit and dance a second before they started their competition. Then the announcer laughingly said, "Girl on the end. This is a family-friendly event. There are no poles involved here. I know a professional when I see one." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Family-friendly event and you just called this girl a stripper? I am not one to readily hoist my feminist injustice flag, but it shot straight up during this. I was so upset I don't even know how to describe my emotions: disappointed, offended, embarrassed, embarrassed for these girls, objectified, belitted, etc. I was feeling quite a load of indignation. The point of the dance contest was to trick the girls into thinking there was a tie so one girl was dancing blindfolded by herself in the middle of the arena as everyone else was tapped out. Then she got to feel the brunt of the humiliation I guess. Then she won no prize -which maybe is the best part of this? They didn't reward her for making a display of herself? It doesn't really matter, I was fairly disgusted. #sexisttexas

These poor girls. I felt like Liz Lemon, I wanted to shout, "You're more than this! You can have a job! And a career! Where is your self respect?!" But I also wanted to throw up or storm out. I'm not sure which emotion was stronger.