26 January 2015


Pie Chain! This is so genius. No more fussing with dried beans for blind baking my pies. Just a simple little (10 ft) chain. 

 2014 week four.

V has learned a new method of frustration management: spitting and hissing and letting it drip down her chin.

And while the pie was baking, Vera helped with laundry. She has become very interested in clothes lately; more specifically dirty clothes in the hamper. She loves to drape them around her neck or force her head into the arms to make gross hats. 

Tried to make the pinterest apple roses pie. After wasting so many apples, I had to fill the middle with raspberries. And so, yes, it was lovely, and probably tasted better with the raspberries anyway, BUT it didn't taste good enough to make up for the frustration. So, never again. 

Hey, this day in January it was 70 degrees. That vest did not last long. 

The next day was 40 degrees! So what did we do? Go to In-N-Out at 1030am for a black and white milkshake! 

The workers loved her and gave her this hat that she snuggled with all day saying, "Funny hat. Funny hat." In the same tone that you would say, "Oh, you!" 

My babies helping to make pumpkin gnocchi. 

This is what she said: "Eat pumpkin easy cat." Easy Cat did not want the pumpkin.

I've been working my way through the winter chapter of A Kitchen in France. Potato pie [pretty tasty]. We also had chicken and mushrooms in puff pastry cups called vol-au-vent [really tasty], parmesan soup [the most tasty!!], roasted potatoes [just fine], carrot ginger soup [meh? refreshing.] ,  a pear custard dessert called pear flognarde [delicious!], oxtail macaroni gratin [strange but warm and creamy and tasty], roasted sausages with red wine and fennel [would have been better if I had spread them out on a baking sheet instead of a small dish]. And tomorrow we're trying the coq au vin [essentially chicken cooked in wine until it falls apart and served over noodles] with the missionaries. If it's no good, we'll get them a pizza.

V has still been hanging on to her cold like a drippy little security blanket.

She started to *shudder* grind her teeth.  I had a dentist appointment on Monday and I brought V with me, and I didn't anticipate but gladly accepted the dentist checking V's teeth for free. She said that the grinding helps to clear airways when kids have a cold. What a horrible way for kids to clear their airways. Also, the dentist said that I have perfect teeth (*ding!) and that my saliva (?) is so amazing (??) that she should bottle it (???) and sell it for a million dollars (what is happening?). But whatever. I love compliments from the dentist. I take an improper amount of pride in my good luck good teeth when I did nothing to earn these teeth other than brush them and floss when Matt's judging eyes get too much to bear. :)

Because she has had such a hard time breathing and is so sniffly and miserable, she has been sleeping poorly. And now when she wakes up in the night she goes to her door, pounds on it for a few minutes and then falls asleep behind her door. This allows her easy access to pound on it periodically for the rest of the night shouting "Good Morning!" Good thinking V. Works perfectly.

19 January 2015


 2014 week three

"We do not throw potatoes at the walls!" and other parentisms.

At the creek watching an engagement photo shoot for Aunt and Uncle Mike. Yes, we call her Aunt Mike. V made it up.

So many friends! 

She's yelling "I did it!" It's not too high but she nearly fell backwards twice and I hand to firmly stop myself from rescuing her. She is so proud she did it herself.

Lately V has taken to carrying around the strangest plastic containers. Pictured here is some Gold Bond foot cream. "Lotion, car?" is what she asked me. Whatever. She briefly had a romance with a mini hand sanitizer, a peppermint chapstick, an empty bottle of saline nasal spray, and a coke cap that she carried around saying, "Soup?" and offering it to you. But just to sip and tell her how delicious her soup was. Then she wanted it back. Promptly. 

Baby braids!! 

She LOVES glasses. But only for a minute or two. She loves riding her bike in the house all day. 

Recently rediscovered her love of this cape.

I never want to take it off of her. Fulfill my nerd dreams, sweet child!

Here is Yzma just barely tolerating her life. Tonight V had an absolute meltdown because Yzma wouldn't come in from outside. "Cat! CAT! E-CAT! (V frequently calls her E-Cat) Ah-SIDE!" 
Some funny Veronicisms.

After I gave her a sip of sparkling mineral water, "Water? Hot?"

All day long. "Chap-kick? Chap-kick?" offering you chapstick which she would prefer to administer to your lips, and cheeks, and teeth. And the chapstick is always wet from her sucking on it...

We went to the library twice this week. Both days the only thing she wanted to play with was a yellow cup. Of all the toys in the library, it had to be a yellow cup or nothing.

We had burritos for dinner one night. Her burrito was in every way identical to mine, but she refused to eat hers, insisting on mine. Too bad for you, V. I ate my own burrito and she eventually figured it out.

I've been trying to get her to call her hightop converse her "kicks." It's going very well. :)

12 January 2015


We were couched by a terrible cold this week. 

2015 week two.

All of my photos are blurry because V never holds still. :)

Her Christmas bike finally came in, and when she wasn't whining in response to her cold, she was whining as she was trying to figure out how to work it. But every morning she runs out of her room to say, "Good morning bike!" And every time we pass it, "Bye bike!" She loves it, even when she is kicking it over in frustration because she can't make it go. 

I wish I had caught this moment clearer. It is such a perfect little girl photo. "Mama shoe. Yep."

I made this little apron for her this week, and she christened it by "cooking" in the sink with bubbles and utensils. She was so happy here I could NOT get her to look at me or acknowledge me in any way. Other than the occasional waves of water on the floor, it was the perfect occupation while I made dinner.

And this was Veronica exactly one year ago today. I cannot even believe it. 

And in conclusion, Matt sees the weirdest things at his trade shows. Yarnia. 

We both had really nasty colds all weekend. And I didn't take a single photo before then. We were busy cleaning and running errands I guess. I did make a few aprons and a new smock for her this week, and I know we went on a lot of walks, so clearly we were having too much fun to take photos.

But our nasty colds really knocked us out. V had a fever, we had horrible runny noses. It was the worst cold I ever had based on these two factors that I have never before encountered in conjunction with a cold: all of my teeth ached, and I blew my nose so much I got a bloody nose, TWICE! It was the first cold V has ever had, and that made me feel really grateful. In over a year and a half, she has not been sick once. Wow. Or if she was sick it was never this bad. Evidence to that: she took a random nap in the middle of the day, she sat on the couch and didn't move for 15 whole minutes, she let Matthew snuggle with her. It was like she was a different child. Also she wouldn't eat (strange) and she would not stop whining (not really as strange). We both seem to be in the clear though. Hopefully the waking up at 3am and pounding on her door screaming "A MORNING! MORNING!" is also in the clear...

Before we got sick we took a little trip to the fabric store to get some fabric for aprons and smocks. We passed by those machines that play a sample of various CD's that you can buy. I was looking at fabric and V was standing in the aisle watching the machine as it switched songs and suddenly she starts clapping and waving her arms and chanting "dance! dance! dance!" Apparently her jam is "It's Raining Men." :) I played it for her again later to make sure. Oh, she was sure.

In conclusion, sometimes life is meaninglessly gross. Like when you are pulling your toddler's pants up in a public restroom and the automatic toilet flushes from your movements tripping the sensor and it flings public toilet water directly into your open mouth.

the end.

05 January 2015


On the Ohio river. We had to pull the children out of the tree because the wind was ridiculous and the tree was a wonderful respite from it.

2015 week one

Happy New Year. All my dreams came true in Kentucky when I got to visit the Amish. All. My. Dreams.

Ohio River.

Matt always does a funny hair cut for the holidays. We thought it would be funny for him to just grow out his hair and let his niece trim it. We thought the results would be hilarious. But she did a really good job... So good a job that it wasn't even funny. 

On a walk.

Playing outside with cousins = V is in heaven.

Baby Oliver helping to play the guitar.

Matt bought some pills made from berries that temporarily alter your taste buds to turn sour sweet. So we amassed sour things and had a feast. The strawberries, lemons, and blue cheese were the best. 

And then we went to Amish country! Don't be fooled by Matt's short sleeves, it was probably 19 degrees.
This Amish wood furniture store was incredible. I could have looked and touched everything for hours. Instead I spent a lot of money. :)

On these! A broom, a wooden scooper truck and a wooden doll cradle. I will keep these forever.

The girls at the market trying on Amish hats.

I'm fairly certain they probably would not have wanted me to take their photo, and I'm even more sure that I am a total creep for taking a photo. This was not a zoo... But I couldn't help myself. I needed to remember these girls speaking their Amish dialect of German and making me a delicious ham and swiss sandwich on homemade bread. 


Funny scooter bike thing. 

The best donuts ever. So good I ate one, and then ate lunch and then went back to buy more. They were perfect. 

The joy of Amish donuts.
This time my brother in law was the creep and took this photo. I just wanted to sit down with this girl and ask her every question about every detail of her life. 

Visit Amish country? Check it off my bucket list. :)

Happy New Year.

Absolutely pretending I was shooting off spells. Lumos!

Vera model posing with this giant firework.

New Years Resolution:  try to go on a walk everyday. 

Traditional Cheese Tasting feast!

Vera and her best friend Grant. She loved shouting "No way!" at him. She thought it was the best game ever. He took it very personally. She is still asking for him every day. "Grant? No way?"

Another phrase she learned in Kentucky was "I know it..." She says it slow and sad when she is sad or when we're talking about something serious. For instance, "Do not pee in your pants!" "I know it..."

Getting their nails painted. 

In lieu of a story, since there are about 30 photos in this post, I will just write this really quick.

I was so excited to go see Amish people and buy their wares. I did feel like a creep how interested I was in them. They were not an attraction to see, they live real lives and I really do respect that. That being said, I was beside myself excited to see real Amish people in the flesh and take a peak into their lives. And to show my respect for them, here is a conversation that I unabashedly eaves dropped... :)

Two men in the wood furniture store talking to each other and not in German, so I could understand it.

"Oh, yeah well that wedding is coming up soon."

"Yeah, that should be fun."

"Though, I don't know. I wonder how she's going to be able to handle him."

"Oh she can handle him! If he comes home late, she'll knock his teeth out!"

the end.