31 August 2015


What started out as a family trip to snow cones ended up as a Mama/Daughter trip while Matt was at home laboring over our AC unit that suddenly started to overflow on our way out the door. Luckily he is capable and has access to Youtube and was able to fix it for $35. 

2015 week thirty-five

When is it appropriate to start complaining about having no rain after the three solid months of rain this spring? I'm feeling like approaching the 6 week mark is ok, right? Or is it just me? Has anyone else's blackberries started dying? I didn't know blackberries could die, It took my father in-law months of pouring motor oil on some to kill them in his youth. Texas, are you trying to say you're more destructive than motor oil?

Though it's still 100 degrees with no break (or rain!!) on the horizon, I can't help but feel like I need to start getting our fall winter clothes squared away. And since I have a hard time finding dresses for V that I like that I do not feel are over-priced, I get to play around with making them. And now that Vera is all about dressing up, she's a really good sport about trying them on all through the process. She is not such a good sport about putting them away for winter when they're finished. After a few minutes of crying she'll sigh and say, "It's not winter time. It's too hot." 

New favorite activity is coloring on big pieces of paper taped to the walls -but only while wearing gross old t-shirts, or sometimes tutus. 

She discovered the magic of bread dipped into olive oil and balsamic vinegar. She emptied this bowl. And in her eagerness to not waste a drop her face looked like this for every bite. 

Her favorite look: Old T shirt + tutu

She requested I take a photo of her eating her popsicle after nap. 


Vera, "Mama, I don't know where the honkeys are." (I have no idea what she was talking about)

After she spent some time concentrating hard on coloring she ran up to me and said, "Mama! I colored animals! Show me! Show me!"
Me, "I love your animals! What kind of animals are they?"
Vera, "Purples, pinks and yellows animals."

After dinner she loudly announced, "I have JAM hands!" Luke Danes validation.

After watching me put on deodorant (frequently. It's no joke being pregnant in August.) "Mama, when I'm bigger I can have deodarnt."


One morning when V woke up a little too early I took her to the toilet and back to bed. She so very sweetly asked, "Mama want to snuggle me please?" Even before 7am my heart was softened and I snuggled in her bed (loving this twin bed right now). I settled in and was almost immediately asleep but little sticky (see above) gecko fingers started poking my face. Then she rolled over and started to rhythmically tap out a beat on her wall. When I still pretended to be asleep she started snuggling her ice toes onto my bare belly. She has inherited those ice toes from Matthew. It is so hot currently, how does anyone have ice toes this time of year?! After the ice toes she started experimenting with noises her tongue could make in her mouth. Eventually she gave it all up and in bursts of hot breath started whispering on my face. Good morning Vera. Only a few more weeks of being an only child so I'll endure your uncomfortable brand of snuggling to get in a few more silly sleepy morning hugs and kisses before invariably we all have to find a new normal. One I'm sure we'll end up loving; but assuredly an adjustment is coming.

24 August 2015


Cora stayed with us again for a few days this week. Vera sat on her bed waiting for her to wake up watching her sleep like a creep. 

2015 week thirty-four

Summer had a fit of peace and brought us two lovely days this week. So nearly all our photos are from the park.

It was still 100 degrees this day, but we went through all of V's last year winter clothing to see what would fit and she insisted upon wearing this jacket for the rest of the day.

When she thinks I'm not watching her, she gets very brave at the park. She even went down the slide -more than once. 

More bravery at the park. 

She did not find enough bravery to sit on the tractor though. This was as close as she dared go.

A park near our church building is halfway under construction and has these wonderful kid paradise dirt hills that V loved to run around on and that Matthew loved to drive his R/C car on. 

I really want to brag about how I drove this car around for maybe 7 whole minutes and did not crash it once. 

Before Matthew saw how far away I was standing and had a paternal instinct kick in to protect her better. :) She was so brave though. If a two-year old is doing this, how are these playgrounds even fun for older kids? 


V pointing to something, "That is broken." *sigh* "yep that happens."

On a walk she told me, "I dont want to get lost. Then get put in the trees!"
Me, "You would be so high up what would you see?"
V, "See Mama walking. *sigh* yep, that happens"

She has learned to blow on all her food if it is too hot. It is really precious to see her cheeks balloon out and blow on each bite then yell, "It's COOLING DOWN!"

She has really taken to asking to be excused from the table. She thinks it is really great fun, and I'm more than happy to oblige her in being polite. When she's done eating she'll hang up her smock on the back of the chair and wiggle and smile and say, "Mama, I can be excused please?!"

She was crying about something and when she started to feel better she wiped her eyes and said, "Get the sadness off my eyes!"

This quote is from Matthew. We had polenta with cheese and spaghetti sauce which is something that I know is fairly common fare but I had never eaten nor made it before this week. My good-natured husband ate it all but laughingly called it "spaghetti-grits." I'll take it over the "yellow dirt salad" that my golden beet salad was dubbed last year. To be fair they really did taste like dirt.  Spaghetti grits however were delicious.

Frequently while we are driving: V, "Go Mr Car! Go! Go! Go Home! Go to bed! Put your pajamas on! Get your blankets! Go! Go home! Go to bed Mr Car! Go! (or some variation on the theme. She likes to yell at the cars in front of us if they stop/slow down for any reason -like the person who lost their mind at me while in the parking lot I stopped to let a pregnant woman cross the street. Craziness.)


Matt has been playing a lot of fun silly games with Vera this week. We borrowed a big blue exercise ball to ease some pregnancy hip pain, and it is V's favorite new toy. Matt will hold her hands and she will kick and kick and try to stand up on it. Or he'll roll the ball after her Indiana Jones style and then "crush" her with it. She loves playing "wake up" where he pretends to sleep and she gives him a huge kiss and then he grabs her and tickles her. They also had a lovely bonding moment when a package of nearly 600 sticky-backed googly eyes arrived in the mail and he taught her how to take off the backing and put the eyes in silly places. She reveled in the unfolding mischief and talked about it all the next day, bringing me photos or books displaying her handiwork. She still does not love to be unceremoniously picked up or held by Matthew, but she could play silly games with him for hours. I love to see it.

17 August 2015


"Napping" with all her loved ones in a perfect row. I find it so funny that she will play happily for hours if I'm doing chores or cleaning or what not, but the minute I sit down to read a book she is hovering over my shoulder sucking spit through her teeth whining at me to get up. 

2015 week thirty-three

Clearly it was a very exciting week based on the amount of photos I took. :)

After a few days of being kind of bored, I spent my remaining JoAnn's gift card on sparkly tulle and ribbons to improve V's dress up bin (currently filled with old stained/ripped shirts and a couple hats). She LOVES her tutus. They are a revelation to her.  This is what dress up can be like?! 

Saturday morning we woke to absolutely glorious weather so we took an early morning trip to the park. V loves swinging with her Papa. 


V runs up to me, "In the middle of the night I went all to Grandpa Dean's house!"
Me, "You did?"
V, "Yes. That would be Perfect!"

Me, "V, why are you being a creep?"
V, "No! I'm not a creep! I'm a dinosaur creep!!"
Me, "You're a dinosaur creep?!"
V, "No! I'm a kids creep! Creep! Creep!"

While I'm in the bathroom V pushes open the door and looks right into my eyes and says, "Everybody had rufies last night." Then she walked away.

V, "Mama! Show me! Show me!" (when she wants to show me something)

One night after we put her to bed we both went outside to water the garden. When Matthew came in he found V just laying on the couch with her giraffe like it was no big deal. He sent her back to bed. The next morning at breakfast,
"On the couch with giraffe. Papa says EXCUSE ME! and have to go back to bed. I cry."

This is one of her favorite games to play with Matthew:

And this is Matthew's favorite game to play with Vera:

The Summer heat broke this weekend. It's still fairly oppressive in the afternoon but the mornings, oh the mornings. Sunday morning the breeze was dancing and it was almost cool. I fired up the grill to make breakfast to eat on the back porch. Of course the first thing I actually did was light every Citronella candle we own because mosquitoes anticipate us and just hover by our back door constantly. I made bacon and pancakes on the grill and we sat in the breezy sunrise slowly eating (but not too slowly. You do want to finish before the mosquitoes start getting brave.) and rounding out the salty peppery syrupy delight with some perfect peaches (Texas you are killing it this summer with these peaches. Bravo.). It was a taste of the months ahead and a reminder that we are over the hump of summer and mornings will actually be cool again someday. And someday you will be able to sleep under more than just a sheet draped over your knees to trick you into believing you are covered because you have some psychological block where you believe you must be under the cover while you are sleeping. Someday and perhaps not too far off you'll smell the first dusty pine smell of a neighbor starting a fire on the hearth -not me; it is a great disappointment to not have a fireplace. And  someday your plants will come out of their summer coma and turn green again. Someday the song of the cicadas will slow down and the air wont stir with their wings emphasizing with the rising heat. Someday, and someday soon; but until then, oh these August mornings.

10 August 2015


Vera went a whole week with dry pants at bedtime! (This is monumental. I didn't have to wash DIAPERS THIS WEEK!!!)  She got a big bed and is in love with it. I love how she has been rising to the occasion of transitioning to big girl things: doing everything for herself on the toilet, keeping dry at night, sitting in a big chair without a booster, putting her own cups in the sink, asking for things nicely, having her crib taken away and transformed back into a baby crib for baby brother, etc. She's taking it all in stride with confidence and I was feeling so proud of her this week.
 2015 week thirty-two

If I survive this heat, I have fewer than 10 weeks until baby brother comes. So I guess this means we should actually start really seriously thinking of names now, right? Or wait a few more weeks?

Having the time of her life at Lego Land while I was at home trying to keep down Gatorade and crackers. PS if you go, no, you are not allowed to sit on the big lego sculptures. Oops. 

V requested I paint her nails. She loves it so much, and shows everyone her pink nails. She is also constantly telling me all about the pink paint on her fingers. Some days when she is not whipping wooden snakes around her head or making her dinosaur fight with everything, she is such a girl. :)

I took her to Jamba because I was melting and needed some good brain freeze. 

While Matthew was helping to move his sister (by driving a 27-foot U-Haul!) to Utah we took a secret trip down to Steel City Pops to buy a dozen as a surprise. We ate a strawberry cream one there (amazing) and last night I had a Passion Fruit one. Passion Fruit was by far the best I've had there, and after every bite I kept exclaiming, Matthew! This is the BEST popsicle I have EVER had! I had a hard time enjoying it I wanted to talk about it so much. It was so perfectly deliciously fruity and cold. And yes, given the option Vera does wear this outfit 4-6 times a week. 

Late night (read 7-8pm) swimming at a little water park. Probably in the running for top 3 of best days of Vera's life. 

In Texas this is really the only way to enjoy a pool in August: past bedtime, in the shade, still 104 degrees. 


"Mama, watch! Watch! Watch! Mama! Mama Watch! Watch Mama! Watch! Watch!" as she runs in a circle in the living room. This will go on as long as I will sit and continue to say, "Yes, I'm watching. I see you. I am watching. Yes. Watching."

"To Babylon (bubble land?)! And please hurry!!" as she climbs into my bed and throws all the pillows on the floor.

Me: "Vera where are you?"
V: "There me are!"

V: "Mama?"
Me: "Yes, darling?"
V: "No! I'm NOT a darling! I'm a longing to be!"

V: "Mama?"
Me: "What's up?"
V: "Yeah! What's up in the sky?!"


V has become obsessed with figuring out how/why the car moves as we're driving. Any time we come to a stop no matter how brief she will start yelling at me: NO! Mama MY GO! I had to nip that in the bud, so now it's "Mama, I want to go please!" She loves to talk about the Red Light means we can't go. Green means we can go now. Yellow (which she calls orange) means we have to "Slooooooooooooooow down." She gets so easily frustrated by having to stop at so many red lights that I had to tell her about how we have to obey the traffic lights or we will get hurt or the police car will get us and put us in trouble. She will tell me these things but also start to get really frustrated at every stop. So THEN I had to talk to her about how if cars are in front of us we can't just go. We can't crash into other cars and break the cars and get hurt. She talks non stop about the traffic and police cars and having to stop or go. She has a lot of opinions on the subject.

Pregnancy has not been terrible for me at all. I was pretty sick for the first bit but it really hasn't been bad. This week was not a great one though. I got terrible food poisoning Sunday night and was bedridden all day Monday. V got to escape the torture of me running to the bathroom all day by going to Lego Land with her grandma and cousins. I'm better now though, so don't worry. But then I started to get a weird sharp pain in the back of my leg running from my knee to the arch of my foot. It felt like a really angry pinched nerve. A few days later Matthew gasped, "WHAT happened to your leg?!" There was a huge blue and black bruise and cluster of veins on the back of my knee where the pain was. It was gross and very sensitive. I feel so pestery when I have to call the doctor about things when I already have an upcoming appointment, but this was making me really nervous. They sent me to the hospital to get a sonogram on the veins in my leg. Clearly, they didn't see anything abnormal as they let me leave. They also didn't tell me anything. Well, turns out it's just gross varicose veins. Welcome to pregnancy, nature's way of rewarding you for procreating is by slowly destroying your body. :)  Now I get to wear fancy compression tights and if they are still painful after baby I get to have surgery! Haha. Seriously, though, I'm grateful I don't just have to live with painful gross veins forever as would my role model Ma Ingalls. Bless all you people (especially mothers) who lived without modern medicine.

03 August 2015


FHE last Monday: We went to the library to learn about native Texas critters. 

 2015 week thirty-one

V peaks under the toilet stall in a restaurant and yells, "Mama! That's people PEEING!!"

It is so hot. We've had to get creative to stay cool. Bass Pro Shop is always a big hit. I have irrational anxiety being near this giant shark. V, however, stuck her head in and yelled "It's a BIG SHARK!" No fear.

She could have stood here all day. The Pewitt side is coming out in her. :)

She has to wear a smock at all times around popsicles. I dont even know how so much of it ends up on her clothes. The good news is, popsicles are no longer a source of great consternation to her.

Vera loves riding in the car baskets at the grocery store. As we pulled away in this one it started to make noises. There was a TV in it! (?!?!) Murica at its finest right here. Her stupefied face says it all, I think. Gross. 

We went to a wedding for an old family friend and neighbor on Saturday. V and her little troupe of toddlers danced their hearts out. Everyone ended up crying at one point or another. 

Dancing with Papa was the highlight of her evening. Just kidding, it was the unlimited access to M&Ms and Hershey's Kisses at Grandpa's table.  

But this was the highlight of my evening for sure. I love my little brown bug and her great Papa. 

No stories this week, just a bunch of Vera Quotes. She was very talkative this week.

Vera doesn't often respond to questions with "yes" or "no". This is a new development. Usually she just repeats the question, especially if she doesn't know the answer. Vera, "Did you get your shoes?" "Get my shoes (read 'yes')." "Vera, where are your shoes?" "Where your shoes?!"

V grabs a grocery bag from underneath the counter. "Bye Mama going to grocery store!"
Comes back with grocery bag full of blocks. V: "Have my groceries!" Me: "What did you buy?"
V: "Chocolate, raisins, peanuts, water bottles. And apricots, cranberries, and strawberries, and chocolate, and fruit, and chocolate."

V: "No! No Kendall! That's where MY heart is longing to be!"

At Joann Craft Store V holds up a bottle of glue. "It's for noses!" and proceeds to stick the tip in her nose and try to squeeze the bottle.

Any thing that happened in the past, whether at breakfast, or a couple months ago was "yesterday." "I had cereal for breakfast yesterday?" "I go to Oma's house yesterday?"

Anywhere V sees words she will yell, "I SEE LETTERS!"

She's not allowed to yell or spit in the house, so when she wants to do those things she asks, "Mama, go outside to yell, please?" Then I'll let her outside she'll yell and spit and politely knock to come back in.

She really loves to pick up a notebook of binder paper and read the blank pages. I love hearing what she comes up with. Usually it is about running errands.

Me: "V, do you want to read this book?"
V: "No, I don't want to read that book, it's crazy!"

V: "Mama, scoop me up please!" (scoot her up to the table)

Her new trick is to get two books. She gives me one to read and while flipping the pages in her own book will repeat the words I am reading in the other book. It is so sweet.

Sometimes when I don't feel so miserably hot in the evenings I like it when we go for a family walk. On one such evening I was talking to Matt about maybe taking V to the zoo just the two of them after the baby comes to give her a really special treat with all of his attention. V was running around ahead of us (apparently) not listening. A week later I was talking to her about how hot it is outside. I said, "We have two more months of hot and then a couple weeks of kind of hot, and then baby brother comes." And V said, "Baby brother comes then I go to zoo with PAPA! See the giraffes, and monkeys (monkeys LOVE to bites you) and zebras, and giraffes and elephants and cats and monkeys!"

Me: "Gross V, why are you playing in the trash? Don't play in the trash, please.
V: "No! I Want to play in the trash! Play in the trash and go down to the middle and the trash and be STUCK in the trash! I love the trash!"

Happy August everyone!